On this occasion, from Tuxé Life, we want to talk to you about the wonderful advantages and dynamic experiences that children acquire when they are with the horse. Young children have an innate curiosity for the horse, they like to be close to them and the affection is usually mutual.

A simple activity such as brushing a horse becomes a fun way to learn to care for and respect nature and in particular our dear equine friends.
If you want the little ones to learn how to practice a fun and intense sport and at the same time related to nature, don’t hesitate. Riding is a great option!

Horse-riding is a very complete sport that children will be able to start practicing at the age of 4. The benefits of riding are physical, psychological and social, this sport consists of several disciplines, some very active and exciting, others more relaxed (Dressage, Jumping Obstacles, Raid, Complete, Polo …)

Horse Sports

Horse-riding is both an enjoyable activity in nature and a sport activity that you can practice with your family, with friends and of course with the little ones… Every day of the year!

Activities in nature teach children the respect and love for animals, creating a relationship of complicity, trust and mutual respect.

As far as sport is concerned it is very complete for children and adults, depending on the modality it will be more intense and demanding at muscular level as the Polo or the volteo (that consists of making gymnastic and acrobatic elements on the horse). Riding tones and strengthens the muscles of the back, buttocks, abdomen, shoulder waist, upper and lower limbs mainly. An improvement of his postural control is immediately appreciated and at the same time he develops perceptive motor skills such as balance and coordination.

Psychological benefits

POST BENEFICIOS PROTADAThe psychomotor skills that children develop at an early age in riding are extraordinary and difficult to see in other sports, since there are not many in which they interact directly with an animal. The development of these skills allows children to become aware of their bodies and better control their emotions, thus improving concentration, cooperation, discipline and teamwork.

Another of the multiple benefits of riding practice is that children learn to manage their fears, to make decisions and thus gain self-confidence. Dealing with horses helps them to have a lot of patience and self-control, when they ride they are very attentive to every gesture of the pony or horse.

The horse as therapy

Another marvel that horses offer us is Equine Therapy. One of our first posts is very interesting because it deals with this topic, name its many benefits demonstrated in children and adults, you can consult it if you want in the following link.

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Import a good professional

An important issue to keep in mind is the trainer, to get a good professional in the sport of riding, who can prepare children from an early age, because it is essential a good foundation that allows them to develop with ease and firmness the exercises and also that the trainer knows how to transmit and prevent these catch fears or hobbies that can increase with age and are difficult to remove. Trust in good equine professionals!

Tuxé Life would like to offer you professional help and guidance in any consultation you may have. Do not hesitate and know this magical sport within reach of children and adults.