CLEANING KIT POST TUXE LIFEWelcome to our blog again on friday! The care of the horse is very important. Both inside and outside the stable, our horse must have the right material and care. They are very sensitive animals that must be cared as well as possible. Therefore, in this post we show you a basic cleaning kit. Basic and essential material for the daily care of our animal. Have you always wanted to know what products are necessary to keep your horse clean and healthy?

Stay with us and we will explain everything you need to know to make your horse look happy and healthy!

Hair, mane and tail care

Our horse’s hair must be clean, nourished and shiny. Your cleaning kit must contain the following products:

Curry Comb Oval Plastic Curry CombWith this curry comb you will be able to remove most of the dirt from your horse’s hair. When using it, remember to make circular movements. Thanks to the handle that comes incorporated into the base will be much easier to hold.

Fine Long Bristle Brush HHHigh quality brush to remove remaining dust and dirt. When using it, remember to make movements in the same direction as the hair.

Fun BrushPerfect brush for removing remaining dust and dirt. Thanks to the handle at the base you can clean your horse with a firm grip.

Gel Mane Brush HippoTonicPerfect brush to untangle the manes without breaking them. Wide head with flexible tines and gel handle for non-slip comfort.

CLEANING KIT POST TUXE LIFEThinning Mane Shears HHKeep your horse’s mane perfectly voluminous!

Curved ScissorsPerfect scissors with a rounded tip so as not to damage the horse or pony when cutting the mane.

Aluminium Comb with Wooden Handle Hispano HípicaPerfect complement to help you cut the manes in a safer and more precise way.

Carr&Day Conditioner Crin&Cola Spray 1 LitreA good disentangler should not be missing from our kit. It keeps the manes and tails smooth and very soft. Reduces breakage and makes combing quick and easy, leaving a natural, oil-free shine.

Cleaning kit for hoof care

The hooves are the parts of the horse’s body that keep all its weight and are in contact with all kinds of dirt and moisture. It is very important to keep them in good condition to avoid injuries or wounds.

Non-Slip Hoof Pick Brush No.637Non-slip ironed handle.

Effol Hoof Salve (1 L): Keeping our horse’s hooves hydrated and cared is very important. That is why we must have a hoof ointment always available in our stables.

Hoof Oil Brush With Cap: Brush to spread the hoof polish. With a hood to collect and avoid staining the rest of the material.

Dry Feet Cavalor 250 ml: Have you noticed that your horse’s hoof slots are soft? With just 2 applications you will notice the results. Hardens and heals the slots and the palms of the hoofs.

Products for the shower

CLEANING KIT POST TUXE LIFEBiotin Shampoo Moisturizing & Strengthening AvMoisturizing shampoo suitable for all types of horses. Its formula combines Biotin, which favours the health and vigour of the hair and accelerates the growth process with a high power of hydration.

White & Shine Shampoo: Moisturizing shampoo indicated for horses with black and white cups. Powerful and favours chromatic differentiation of the same. Eliminates yellow reflections in layers providing a spectacular shine.

Conditioner for Mane, Tail and Body AVAfter-bath cremigel conditioner without rinsing. Forms a light film on the animal’s coat, making it easier to brush and comb manes and tails. The hair acquires shine, looseness and softness.

Dry Shampoo Blueberry OfficinalisThe dry shampoo allows to clean and asepticize the hair and skin without rinsing. It is fundamental for hygiene and for the prevention of some pathologies of the horse in the stable. Particularly recommended in winter, when the horse cannot be washed with water, it is used on the mane, tail and coat if necessary.

Rubber Grooming GloveThis rubber glove is ideal for the shower. It has a massaging effect that promotes blood circulation.

Stainless Steel Sweat ScarperPerfect for removing excess water after bathing.

Sponge for Anatomical Horse LincolnIdeal for bathing your horse. Clean the most sensitive areas of your animal safely and quickly.

Do you have a problem with space? Are you worried that you can’t keep all this stuff packed up? We bring you the solution!

Grooming Box Waldhausen DOKR GOLDSpacious, sturdy plastic case where you can store all your equipment. Folding handle, automatic closure and two-position adjustable divider. It has a removable compartment for small accessories. Very light and easy to carry.

All these products make up our basic cleaning kit for horses!

These products are going to be your everyday material. In addition, for cases of small wounds or blows, we recommend that you always have a disinfectant ointment in your stable or locker to clean any wound that may appear.

Did you like this post? Was it very helpful? If you want to create your basic cleaning kit or complete it with any of the products we have shown you, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail ( as well as on our social networks Instagram      or visit us at our online horse shop.

Tuxé Life Team