Welcome once again to our blog! Today we bring you a totally different post but one that we think will be really helpful. When we have our own stables or tack rooms where we can store all our stable material, it is very important to maintain order and cleanliness. This way we can save time and our material will last longer as it is in good condition.

Are you looking for products that provide order and cleanliness in your stables? Stay with us in this post and we will show you those products that cannot be missing in your equipment!

Basic Stable material

Sometimes the space we have available for our material is insufficient. Therefore, it is very important to maximize it. Good order allows for better handling of the material as well as faster saddling and cleaning. We show you the products that will help you achieve this!

4 Prong Cleaning Hook: This nickel-plated steel hook is perfect for hanging the bridles during cleaning and greasing. As well as for placing your necessary stable material.

Stock Ring With Movable HookThis ring will allow you to place the stable material you want.

Track trolley: Tired of walking around when you have to saddle your horse? Is the tack room far from your stable or from the place where you saddle? We bring you the best solution! This wonderful saddle carrier! Removable for transport by car. It allows you to take all your equipment effortlessly from the stable to the stable or to the competition.

STABLE MATERIAL TUXE LIFEPortable Tack HookThis black plastic-lined hanger fits on a door or anywhere else. Perfect for day-to-day use in the stables as well as being very practical for competitions.

Rug Rack with Hooks: Wall mount display of steel covered for horse blankets. Fixing pins to be fixed on the wall or on an adapted support. Practical for quick assembly and disassembly.

Stubbs Multiple Bridle Bracket (5 units)Multiple bridle holder. They are fixed to the wall with screws.

Removable Saddle Racks: For use indoors or outdoors, in places where they are needed. Equipped with two fixed brackets to arrange the saddle and a multipurpose hook. Perfect complement to organize your material!

Hippotonic “Grip” Folding Step StoolTired of having no place to sit? Do you want to put your boots on comfortably or grab something high up? This Folding Step Stool is your lifeline! Very easy to carry thanks to its built-in handle, it can be folded and easily placed behind a closet or in any corner, thus saving space.

Plastic Feed Scoop 2.25 L: This scoop is ideal for measuring feed. Feed your horses the right amount!

Foldable Bucket 10 LThe folding bucket is ideal for use in competition or in the stable. It can be folded to various heights and therefore also serves as a drinking fountain.

Door Manger With HandleDoor feeders with metal handle for transport.

Rubber Brush for Saddle PadThis brush with long natural rubber tines will help you keep your saddle pads clean with great ease.


Just as keeping our stable material in perfect condition is fundamental, the correct condition of the stables should be no less so.

We must not forget to keep our horse’s stable in perfect condition. Cleaned and disinfected. The stable is our horse‘s home and therefore the place where he spends many hours.

The condition of the stable has a great effect on the health of the horse. An unattended stable can cause the small wounds of our horse take longer to heal, can aggravate infections or certain diseases that could have been avoided.

We encourage you to ventilate and disinfect your stables. A healthy horse is a happy horse. We must take care of its environment!

Manure Shovel with Rake: This collector is ideal for partial cleaning of the box or stable, and to collect the excrements in the riding arena.

Handle for Fork Head VPLASTKeeping our horse’s stable clean and renewed is very important. This fork handle is complemented with Vplast Fork Head For Shavings HH head for fork ideal for keeping our horse’s stable in perfect condition.

Has this post helped you? Have you discovered a product that can be very useful? These products are, in our opinion, complements that should not be missing on your stables! Are you looking for different products?

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